Osteopati är den ursprungliga och
optimala formen inom manuell medicin

Michael Persson Osteopat

Biodynamic Cranial Education

Biodynamic Cranial Education

Detta är en post graduate utbildning och riktar sig till Dig som är färdigutbildad Kraniosakralterapeut eller Osteopat med en grundutbildning inom Cranial Osteopathy.

- The purpose of this program is to Observe the Laws of Nature at work throughout the Body -

Osteopathy embraces the interplay of structural organizing dynamics and metabolic activities that give rise to form and function. It recognizes the inherent wisdom and intelligence within every cell. It seeks to recover what has been lost; to find the innate self-corrective principles that guide us, maintain us, and restore us. It taps that within us which is all-powerful. Osteopathy is the artful study and practical application of anatomy and physiology.

I am extremely grateful to James Jealous DO for expanding our understanding of the Science of Osteopathy. Dr. Jealous has synthesized and clarified the teachings of many who have come before him. He has provided a powerful spark for insight and understanding; an awakening to a richer and more profound experience of Osteopathy.


Dr. Sutherland’s early explorations began with a biomechanical model of Osteopathy. Over his lifetime, Dr. Sutherland’s understanding of Osteopathy evolved into an altogether different form. The last 10 years of Sutherland’s life were devoted to an intense study of intrinsic healing. These healing forces, observed through his diligent study of the “living mechanism,” are known as the “Inherent Therapeutic Process.”

By the late 1940’s, Dr. Sutherland’s writings began to focus on these intrinsic healing forces.* He advised his students to... “Be Still and Know.” And...“Allow physiologic function within to manifest its own unerring potency rather than apply a blind force from without.”
Dr. Sutherland spoke of “Primary Respiration,” “The Breath of Life,” “Transmutation of the Cerebrospinal Fluid,” “The Potency of the Tide,” “Liquid Light,” and “Still Points.” Biodynamics explores the nuanced underpinnings of this inherent therapeutic process. Through passionate study, daily practice, and direct experience, Dr. Jealous has provided definition and distinction to Sutherland’s writings.

Utbildningen startade nu i våras och sidan är under redigering....kontakta mig gärna om du vill veta mer

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